Ready to be the go-to coach in your industry? The Coach of Life Success Certification and Marketing Program is the ONLY accredited, step-by-step program that not only helps you get certified in as little as 90 days, but gives you EVERYTHING you need to launch a lucrative coaching business!

Hi! I’m Courtney

I'm an award-winning, certified life & business coach, 7-figure entrepreneur and creator of the Next Big Name Bootcamp. I designed this coaching program to take you from no brand to the next big name in your niche in a matter of months, even if you’re just getting started as a coach. Why? 

Because I GET IT. I know you’re talented, smart, and worked very hard to achieve success in your career… I also know that in the evening… When the house is quiet… And you’re winding down with a glass of wine in one hand and your phone in the other…

…then you scroll. You scroll through the profiles of successful coaches on Facebook… and YouTube…and Instagram. 

…you scroll through their glamorous pictures… and their 6- and 7-figure screenshots… and their inspiring testimonials… and you think to yourself… I want to do that! In other words...

This Program is for You if...

  • You're naturally talented and are often asked by friends and family how you achieved what you’ve achieved, even if it’s something simple like “How do you stay so organized?” or “How did you marry your dream spouse?”

  • You're tired of selling your genius to your 9-5 job and dream of making a living motivating and inspiring others.

  • ​You’re interested in becoming a successful coach, but you’re not sure what your niche is or where you’d even get started.

  • ​You secretly want to be MORE than “just a coach.” You want to write books, create courses, host retreats, and speak on stages. In other words, you secretly dream of becoming the next Oprah or Tony Robbins of your industry.

  • ​You're willing to invest the time, money and effort to not only build your brand, but create an empowerment empire.

This Program is Not for You if...

  • You’re not really good at anything and don’t have any skills, but you hope becoming a coach will fix that (hint: it won’t)

  • You drift from career to career and don’t have any urgency around building a business, you just like the idea of starting (and quitting) something new.

  • You refuse to make ANY changes to your existing niche or coaching business, even though you’re still unknown and nothing you’ve done thus far is working 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • ​You’re really only in this for the income, not the impact. If you could hide behind your computer and NEVER show your face on video or online, that would be just fine.

  • ​You love to spend hours piecing together free information, even though much of it is confusing and contradictory, because at least you “save money” and can avoid investing in your business. (How’s that working for you?)

This System Is My Secret to Hitting My First 7-figure Year.

What's behind this milestone?

It's not just about having a program — it's about having a program that truly works. This system, meticulously designed and refined, has been the cornerstone of my success. It’s a comprehensive approach that combines innovative coaching techniques, powerful personal branding strategies, and effective business models.

This isn't just about earning potential; it's about creating value that resonates. The program's effectiveness translates into profound client success stories, leading to a thriving, profitable business. By following this system, you're not just investing in a program; you're investing in a proven pathway to profitability and prestige. It's the same system that has helped countless coaches transform their passion into a prosperous, impactful coaching business.

Imagine a system that not only helps you achieve financial goals but also cements your status as trusted, results-driven coach. This is your chance to replicate a model that's not only lucrative but also life-changing for those you coach.

Don’t Just Take My Word for It - Check Out This Feedback:

I Haven’t Taught This Information Anywhere Else

I have led workshops and courses on becoming a coach, but nothing like this before. This is the first time I’m revealing the secrets to becoming not just a coach, but THE coach — the one everyone turns to in your field. I understand that you aspire to stand out, not just blend in. You aim to be the 'go-to' superstar coach, the name that pops up first in any discussion about excellence in coaching.

For the first time, I am consolidating all my experience, strategies, and insights into a singular, potent resource. This program is designed to catapult you from being a coach to being the coach — the one who not only enters the field but who redefines it.


The Coach of Life Success Certification & Marketing Program

Here's What the Program Will Provide You with the:

Dream Opportunities

I know you want to do more than just coaching. You want to have those incredible opportunities that celebrity coaches you follow on Instagram have. 

You want to write the books. You want to speak at the events and conferences. You want to create the courses and the workshops. With the information you learn in this coach, you CAN do those things!

Dream Clients

When you’re just any old coach starting out, it’s easy to say ‘yes’ to any client that comes along because you want the business. But not when you’re a superstar coach… 

When you become the ‘go-to’, the potential clients will come flooding in. Your coaching career will become less about CONVINCING clients and more about CHOOSING clients.

Dream Life

What does your everyday routine look like? Too many of us live our lives in autopilot mode. You know exactly what I’m talking about! Get up early. Go to work from 9-5. Come home. Have a few hours to relax. Go to bed. And repeat the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that. 

This kind of life isn’t particularly bad. But it’s not the life that you dreamed of. As a successful coach, every day will be different and exciting. You’ll be your own boss and you’ll call the shots!

Here’s A Sneak Peak Of What You’ll Learn Inside The Coach of Life Success Certification & Marketing Program


Develop Your Coaching Methodology

  • Unearth the core principles that will become the foundation of your unique coaching approach, empowering you to stand out in a crowded market.

  • Equip yourself with the tools to develop a proprietary coaching model that delivers consistent results, enhancing your credibility and attractiveness as a coach.


Craft Your First Coaching Program

  • Step-by-step guidance on structuring your initial coaching program, from designing a curriculum that captivates to establishing outcomes that speak to client aspirations.

  • Emerge as a confident, skilled coach ready to make a real impact. Our program includes comprehensive buddy coaching sessions and safe client practice opportunities, ensuring you refine and perfect your coaching skills in a supportive, real-world setting.

  • Learn to embed your 'Iconic Insights' into the fabric of your coaching program, crafting a signature methodology that's uniquely yours and designed to consistently replicate your success with clients.


Discover Your Brand

  • Too many coaches FAIL because they don't know how to position themselves as an expert in the industry with a powerful brand.

  • Learn how to avoid the "comparison trap" and brand yourself ABOVE the competition so that you’re in a league of your own, even if you're just starting out!

  • Discover how you can create a strong brand based on the person you already are and the knowledge you already have.


Determine Your Niche

  • Learn how to create instant credibility with your audience and clients, even if you're brand new or lack formal credentials.

  • Discover how to define your niche in a way that makes you irresistible to the people you’re called to serve (they'll only want to work with you!)

  • Find out how to leverage your life story to create a lane that only YOU can operate in (other coaches won’t be able to compete with you even if they tried!)


Build Your Offer

  • Learn how to create irresistible offers that people are literally begging you to buy (this is one of Courtney's favorite strategies)

  • Discover exactly what to put in your offer and how to teach it so that you create rapid transformation for your clients and increased income for yourself!

  • Uncover the secrets to pricing and positioning your offers at premium prices, while still leaving room for multiple courses, books, and events.


Design Your Brand

  • Discover exactly how to create graphics and visuals that stop clients in their tracks, even if you’re not a graphic designer!

  • Learn how to go beyond creating a visual brand by creating an experience that will leave clients chasing after you, and not the other way around.

  • Get Courtney’s branding templates, checklists, and insider secrets that NO ONE else is using (this is information that even “the popular coaches” don’t know!)


Set Up Your Systems

  • Learn how to let technology do the heavy lifting for you by creating system for everything from content creation to client attraction.

  • Discover Courtney’s “one and done” system for creating as much as 25 pieces of content in as little as one hour!

  • Get step-by-step guidance to for creating a client attraction pipeline that, once built, you don’t ever have to touch again.


Create Your Content

  • Learn how to go from “content creator” to THOUGHT LEADER by creating content that your audience can ONLY get from you.

  • Find out how to communicate in a way that only attracts premium clients who are READY, and turns off freebie seekers and “tire kickers”.

  • Discover the secrets for QUICKLY creating social media content that converts, regardless of which platform you use.

  • ​Discover Courtney’s E.P.I.C. method for creating content that has not only attracted clients, but high-level organizations and even celebrities


Pull In Your Prospects

  • Master the art of “selling before the sell” so that when prospects come to you, they’re already ready to buy. (No more "I need to think about it...)

  • Learn Courtney’s “Motivational Mogul Messaging” that not only pulls in ready clients but REPEAT clients, allowing you to build a community of customers for life!

  • Learn where to find potential buyers when you’re just getting started, and how to have “cashflow conversations” with them that lead to the sale.


Nail The Sale

  • Learn Courtney’s “sold out” sales secrets for selling out brand new programs before they even begin!

  • Learn how to create excitement and buzz around your offers so that prospects can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Learn exactly what to say to make clients want to sign-up for your offers NOW, not later.


*facebook Ads

  • Discover how to grow your audience using Facebook ads for as little as $5/day

  • Learn Courtney's super simple client growth secrets using paid ads - if you can upload a video, you can follow this strategy!

  • Learn how to setup ads yourself, the easy way, and avoid spending $3,000+/mo on ad agencies!

AND AS A BONUS YOU WILL ALSO GET.Template_Magnetic_v2..


The Magnetic Mastermind is an 8-week, LIVE group coaching program to help you increase your visibility and land clients without complicated funnels or even sales calls, just your own magnetism. Specifically, I’ll be covering:

Magnetic Branding

The secrets to creating a brand that quickly generates diehard fans vs lukewarm onlookers

Magnetic Sales

How to get your community HYPE to buy your paid offers and hanging on to your every word.

Magnetic Messaging

My “secret weapon” communication technique that instantly makes you an inspirational authority. (I paid $60K to a speaking coach to learn this alone)

Magnetic Business Model

How to structure your products and services to not only increase sales but to create REPEAT clients who buy everything you have to offer.

Magnetic Content

How to create free content that is lightyears ahead of your competition and makes people only want to work with YOU.


Here’s a whiff at how we’ll spend our time together:

Week 01


You will: Get up close and personal with branding so you understand exactly how to get your bankable brand “in formation” so you “slay it” when it comes time to create your logo, color palette, messaging and everything else you need to dominate the market. 

Identify the core problem you solve in the marketplace and what makes you irresistible so you can start to craft a targeted, “gotta-have-it” sales message. Dig inside my “swipe files” and get the scoop on which business-building strategies are working so you can hit the (virtual) ground running with a sizable head start over the competition.

Week 02


You will: Discover secrets on how to identify your ideal client and develop products and services the RIGHT people will race to buy.  Find out how to uncover your ideal client’s online hangout spots so you can always be exactly where they need you. 

Get a profit-boosting solution on what to do when your heart says your products and services are for multiple target markets, but all the “gurus” say you must choose one.

Week 03


You will: Learn the hacks a professional graphics designer uses to create stunning logos and promotional visuals so you can DIY your way to a bankable brand without busting the budget. 

Discover how to choose color palettes and fonts so you put your browsers in a “buying” mood as soon as they land on your website. Gain an in-depth understanding on how to use visual branding to make a fantastic first impression. 

Week 04


You will: Gain the confidence to get in on the whole opt-in page/lead magnet craze and develop your first sales funnel strategy using my easy-breezy process so you master each and every element of a profitable funnel strategy.

Get my never-before-talked-about profitable planning tips so you discover exactly how to entice buyers and get them tossing their wallets (and purses) at you whenever you promote a new product or service. Transform your brilliant ideas into an offering sure to attract and excite rather than repel and confuse your ideal client.

Week 05


You will: Get step-by-step guidance on how to create a custom content marketing calendar that ensures you stay in the minds of your ideal clients by always producing relevant and compelling blog and social media content. 

Uncover the skinny on how to turn your genius and past experiences into an endless supply of educational and entertaining content your audience will devour. Discover an easy-breezy way to save time and boost brand visibility by repurposing and maximizing every blog post, podcast interview, video, livestream broadcast and other pieces of content you create. Gain access to my exclusive, must-have list of content marketing dos and don’ts so you avoid promotional pitfalls and content catastrophes. 

Week 06


You will: Receive tech setup assistance on plug-and-play payment platforms that’ll keep your payments coming in on autopilot. 

Uncover the inside scoop on setting up an email autoresponder series so you can welcome new subscribers and warm up your audience, all without the finger-busting work of typing and sending emails manually. Dig into my techie toolkit and eliminate all uncertainty when it comes to setting up marketing automation and payment systems.

Week 07


You will: Tap into the power of Facebook and use the analytics on your Facebook Fan Page to craft enticing posts that engage the RIGHT people and glue their eyeballs to everything you share. 

Create a global presence by boosting Facebook content and getting your message in front of people around the world who want and need your genius. Gain an introduction into advertising on Facebook and get answers to all your burning questions – how much should you spend, how to setup and run campaigns and how to get the biggest return on your ad dollars

Week 08


You will: Get exclusive access to a “done-for-you” promotional calendar that dynamically maps out the dates for your entire campaign from start to finish so you only have to plug in your campaign start date and watch the rest of the dates magically appear. 

 “Steal” from a vault of templates, checklists and cheat sheets so you can craft your launch emails and other launch content fast and without the frustration of figuring it all out on your own. Copy, paste, and PROFIT from my step-by-step sales page template and walkthrough, so you can create highly persuasive sales pages without having to hire an expensive copywriter!

*Bonuses are only available in The Next Big Name Coach Certification Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I realistically need to put into this for it to work?+

One of the main reasons I decided to create this program is because I got tired of seeing brand new business owners blow their entire budgets on expensive tools, tech, and advertising they honestly didn't need.When I first got started, I used free and low-cost tools to attract clients consistently and I will teach you to do the same. Most of the tools you'll need to get started, if they aren't free, are less than $50. So skip a mani/pedi or two and you'll have all the money you need to get started!

How do I know this will actually work for me and isn't just 'another course'? +

Most of the other programs out there will show you how to be an online coach - not THE online coach in your field! This program is different because it isn't just showing you how to start your own average coaching business. It's about creating your EMPIRE.I've worked with clients in every type of industry and the system has always worked for them, as long as they followed the steps exactly. Not only that, many of my clients have gone one to build multi-6-figure businesses of their own, all from applying the same information I'm now offering in the Next Big Thing Bootcamp.

How do I know it's not too late for me to find clients when it's already so saturated online? +

It's true that the internet has made it possible for more and more people to become entrepreneurs and the number of people doing so will only continue to grow. Thus, the real question isn't "is it too late?" but rather "why not me?!?"Why not you?! This year alone, thousands of people will become entrepreneurs and successfully attract paying clients online. "Why would you let fear keep you from becoming that go-to coach?"


FOR ONLY $18,000


Now if you you need a payment plan versus paying all upfront, I get it and that's totally okay! You can get all 8 modules of the Next Big Name Bootcamp for payments as low as $380/mo*! Scroll below to see all your options



CLS Certification + The Next Big Name Bootcamp


Get access to these ...

  • Coach of Life Success Certification Program

  • 2x per week Supervisory Sessions

  • Dedicated Progress Coach (until certification)

  • 1:1 Direct Access to Coaches & Client Success Manager

  • ​Buddy Coaching Sessions

  • Safe Client Practice

  • ​CLS Certification Program Community

  • ​​Custom Niche Selection & Program Development Support

  • ​Internationally Accredited Life Coaching Certification

Plus ...

  • The Next Big Name Bootcamp Program

  • The Next Big Name Bootcamp Private Community

  • 2x per week Q&A Coaching Sessions

  • ​1:1 text-based coaching support

  • Ready-to-use Branding & Funnel Templates

  • ​Copy & Paste Swipe Files & Scripts

  • Bonus: Facebook Ads Powerhouse

  • ​Bonus: Magnetic Marketing Mastermind​

  • ​12 Months Complementary Access to All-in-One Motivational Moguls App

*After you make an initial $2,000 non-refundable deposit using the enrollment button above, you will receive a link to pay the remaining balance ($7,000) within 7 days of enrolling. Split tender and payment plans are available 


CLS Certification ONLY


Get access to these ...

  • Coach of Life Success Certification Program

  • 2x per week Supervisory Sessions

  • Dedicated Progress Coach (until certification)

  • 1:1 Direct Access to Coaches & Client Success Manager

  • ​Buddy Coaching Sessions

  • Safe Client Practice

  • ​CLS Certification Program Community

  • ​Custom Niche Selection & Program Development Support

  • ​Internationally Accredited Life Coaching Certification

Plus ...

  • Ready-to-use One-Page Website Template

  • ​6 Months Complementary Access to All-in-One Motivational Moguls App

*After you make an initial $2,000 non-refundable deposit using the enrollment button above, you will receive a link to pay the remaining balance ($16,000) within 7 days of enrolling. Split tender and payment plans are available 

Registration closes in:

Imagine A Year from Today...

Imagine a year from today when you’ve started building your coaching empire… You could be fully booked. You could be speaking at events and conferences.  You could be writing that book you’ve always dreamed about. But if you don’t get started today, the chances of any of that happening are 0n. 

In a year’s time, you’ll be exactly where you are now. Join the Next Big Name Coach today to create the future you dream of. 

Your Virtual Business Coach,